Title of HOME Test Page

Welcome, this is a test and only a test. Actually, it will soon be the real home page to a real wessynton site. For now, its just a place holder.

Time to test a few techie things:

Click to add '4' to a number.(just checking info flow across frames)

Now what is the count?

About this temp site:

This is up now so we can post the first few things to all. Namely, some home maintenance stuff and eventually BOD meeting minutes and soon thereafter the byways. Ultimately we will have a public zone with a neighborhood map, a few photos and stuff. Then a password protected area for neighbors with the real content including: A directory; An events calender; A survey thing; A bulletin board exchange page; The byways with archives; Home repair and maintenance sections with resources; News and other announcements; A mini-classifieds area; and a Real-Estate section with listings, data and other stuff. (Volunteers webmasters, click HERE to join in and figure out how were going to do all this)

For now, here is what we have:

Warning, Because this is a test its buggy and is not what the final will look or perform like. Possibly the entire interface will have to change as we get funded, get a team together, and find a host the BOD can agree on. Please report any problems you have with a note about the BROWSER type, and if your on a Mac or WebTv. Currently almost all links are dummies, some are tests; the left menu 'sticks' in all versions of Netscape; and we loose the bottom links when you use your browsers 'Back' and 'Fwd' buttons instead of using menu and link navigation. These are all symptoms of having to use a free host for now by using difficult work-arounds and having no database or cgi capabilities. We'll graduate eventually. I threw this together this week to get it going for now to get our first article out and to pique interest.

Thanks, Layton Golding 5-9-01